District Sales Managers

Meet Your District Sales Team

Tim Whitaker

Phone: 308-760-7073

Email: twhitaker@vitalix.com

New Mexico, Western Texas
Travis Schauda

Phone: 308-870-3170

Email: tschauda@vitalix.com

Nebraska, Northwestern Kansas
Shelby Cornelius

Phone: 319-229-6238

Email: scornelius@vitalix.com

Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Northern Illinois and Northern Indiana
Owen Albrecht

Phone: 385-335-1745

Email: oalbrecht@vitalix.com

Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California, Southern Idaho
Ed Weber

Phone: 701-516-3252

Email: eweber@vitalix.com

North Dakota, South Dakota, Eastern Montana
Ralph Hinton

Phone: 970-966-4904

Email: rhinton@vitalix.com

Southwestern Montana, Colorado and Wyoming
Travis Taylor

Phone: 816-592-3000

Email: ttaylor@vitalix.com

Eastern Kansas, Missouri, Southern Illinois
Clint Grissom

Phone: 405-695-0018

Email: cgrissom@vitalix.com

Oklahoma, Eastern Texas, Southwest Kansas, and Southeastern USA
Jason Bean

Phone: 509-794-9059

Email: jbean@vitalix.com

Washington, Oregon, Northern Idaho, Western Montana
Daniel Reynolds

Phone: 308-249-7836

Email: dreynolds@vitalix.com

Kentucky, Southern Indiana, Eastern United States
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