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At Vitalix, our job is simple: provide you with the optimal way to deliver performance improving additives to your herd. That’s why we are proud to use proven technologies from science-based companies.  




Diamond V provides natural, fermentation-based feed ingredients, used in all classes of livestock feed. Rather than a single compound, Diamond V’s products are composed of numerous beneficial metabolites that include mannans and beta glucans but also proteins, peptides, antioxidants, phytosterols, organic acids and nucleotides.  

Diamond V’s natural immune support products help optimize animal health, performance and digestive function. Their postbiotics work naturally with the biology of the animal to maintain immune strength and promote digestive health.   

Diamond V XPC Ultra is included in Vitalix’s Proprietary Vitamin Premix which is used in every tub. Vitalix also uses full levels of Diamond V products – NaturSafe and DiaMune in a variety of other tubs. Click here to view our Vitalix tubs that include Diamond V technologies.




50 years ago, Zinpro® pioneered the science of organic trace minerals by creating the industry’s first and only Zinpro® Performance Minerals. Utilizing a unique pathway for advanced absorption, Zinpro Performance Minerals provide superior uptake and utilization for greater animal wellbeing and productivity. Available in four different product lines serving a range of species, our minerals are backed by decades of research and proven performance.       

Every Vitalix tub includes a Microbial Activator which is powered by Zinpro® COPRO®Including a Microbial Activator feeds the microbes in the rumen to increase efficiency of fiber digestion and boosts Vitamin B12 production.    




Zinpro® Availa® Zn (zinc amino acid complex) is a nutritional feed ingredient that contains organic zinc. The trace mineral zinc is required by animals for numerous functions, including: immunity, reproduction, skin and hoof integrity, muscle development, and milk production.




Vitalix is proud to also include Zinpro® Availa® 4 in a wide array of tubs. Zinpro Availa 4 is a nutritional feed ingredient that contains a combination of organic zinc, manganese, copper and cobalt.

Click here to view our Vitalix tubs that include Zinpro Availa 4.  

Click here to learn more about how Vitalix and ZinPro Avalia 4 will work for you and your cattle.






Vitalix VitaShield Vitamin Package

Vitamins are essential to the health and performance of your herd. Vitalix uses protected vitamin sources to ensure that your animals are receiving the best quality vitamin. 




Vitalix Fly Control Technologies

provided by Central Life Sciences

Click here to view our Vitalix tubs that include ClariFly and Altosid IGR.




provided by FMF Specialty Agri Products 


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